Moving to a new webhost

I finally decided to move to a new web host ( Hetzner’s whole webhosting setup with the konsoleh management interface just feels super outdated. Netcup uses plesk and compared to konsoleh at least it is a huge step up. Moving my domain was painless and almost instant after I got the required authcode from Hetzner.

Again, I got the cheapest hosting package (webhosting 1000 for 1.99 EUR/month, 1 domain included) which offers more than enough for my needs. I only really use the email hosting and nowadays the webhosting for this silly little site. But it is nice that I got ssh access and can simply serve this website from a git repository. Unfortunately, rsync is not available.

I have two additional domains that serve the same website. It is probably not a good idea from a SEO standpoint, but with these super cheap webhosting offers it doesn’t seem to be possible to simply use a CNAME DNS entry to “redirect” one domain to another - I guess it requires some configuration changes to the actual webserver. With my hosting package I can add one external domain for free. For any additional domain they charge a five euros setup fee which I don’t mind. On the upside, let’s encrypt certificates can be automatically setup via the web interface for all domains.

All in all the whole process was smoother than expected and now I can actually start building this blog properly.